<London Babylon: The Beatles and the Stones in the Swinging Sixties>

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“Bad behaviour central. Behind the scenes, under the bed clothes and into the drug den with Steve Overbury... A wonderfully scurrilous book.”
Robert Elms. BBC London 25th November 2009

“A riveting, and often hilarious, account of the entire London creative scene in the 1960s. Meticulously researched and wittily written, this is certainly the definitive summation of the era."
Chris Salewicz, veteran music writer

"An eye-popping excursion into the twilight zone of success and excess in London's swingin' 60's. Another painstakingly researched book from Steve Overbury which left me shakin' all over!"
David 'Kid' Jensen

The Swinging Sixties had a cast of thousands but at its heart were two of the best bands in history – the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

Lennon and McCartney, Mick and Keef, Brian and George. They played together, got laid together, took this and drank that together while making their marvellous tunes. When the doorbell rang, it would be Keith Moon, Eric Burdon or Jimi Hendrix. Together they were Rock’s Rat Pack and where they led the others followed.

Around these young gods of pop were the bit-part players, sniffing for flash and cash - dope dealers, art dealers, dolly birds, drivers and slaves, fashionistas, villains and aristocrats - the in crowd, the jet set, the jeunesse d'orée. They had youth, beauty and privilege, and they inhabited a scene, a beau monde at the heart of the grooviest city in the world.

How did it feel to be one of the beautiful people?

London Babylon
tells the sorry story of the dealer responsible for the deaths of Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Talitha Getty and ultimately himself. It details the life of the murderer who made it with a princess and it reveals who might have been the real killer of Keith Moon’s chauffeur.

London Babylon
examines the life of the man who built the machine that drove Kurt Cobain crazy and the people that drilled holes in their heads.
Along the way, you’ll meet groupies, gender benders, devil worshippers, torturers and smugglers, millionaires, billionaires and bum boys.

Welcome to Swinging London.

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